Finally on CalyxOS and tweeting/tooting from 3 Mastodon accounts and 1 Twitter account simultaneously

@wilton do you want to run that in our Freemont, CA datacenter?

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Have you decided it's time to cut Facebook out of your life for good? "Deactivating" your account won't stop FB from profiling you so instead, @MrCippy explains how to *permanently delete* your account:

Original tweet :

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hey all! one of my non-fediverse friends is a therapist in washington state and they’re currently seeking new clients! i know there are a lot of WA people on the fediverse for some reason, so i thought i’d put their info out there. they accept premara and lifewise insurance.

@neil that libraries can’t share culture. MPAA and RIAA attacked libraries first to safeguard their profits.

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so my mum got a reflective coat, and then my sib found fullbody reflective dog coats too

so now we have glowy space dogs

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for anyone who hates overhead light. i made two of these for my living room.

i started with a philips hue lightstrip ($90), an ikea kvistbro table ($50), a 72” white shelf rod ($10) and a hot glue gun. because the thick and extra long cable, i use a pillow case to hide it most of the cable.

i’d love to find an 80” rod so that the top of the lightstrip stays straight but i barely notice it.

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mozilla conflict of interest 

End Mozilla-the-corp.

Give money from the inevitable Google settlement to Mozilla-the-foundation.

Enact UBI so more devs can contribute to the browser without fearing starvation.

Otherwise this absurd conflict-of-interest between making a privacy-oriented browser and the worst surveillance capitalist company providing funding will resolve the other way, with Mozilla continuing to sell its soul, until 'privacy' is no more than marketing.

(Which some might say has already happened...)
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Has anyone successfully implemented Git over Tor?

I know hosting a repo server is a vastly different beast, but it may help to start somewhere

As far as I know, Gogs and Gitea are fully FOSS, server-side too (no proprietary "enterprise" versions), can be isolated pretty well, and don't look like they're stuck in 1995

But I don't know the internals well enough to see if an entire Hidden Service alternative to GitHub or GitLab can be done in these or something similar

Gitea is a fork of Gogs

i’m pretty happy to have my cleartext website back online,

Cloudflare, still one of the largest censorship technologies in the world

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Everything you do online might be used to profile you. But who are the profilers? What do they do with your data? 🤔

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