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I'm looking for articles about uploading contact list in apps. I'm especially interested privacy violations and what such uploads reveal about your contacts.

is there a way to move/merge old Signal messages from an old iPod Touch to an iPad? The numbers are the same.

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Nice, @ooni’s Probe app recently added a test to validate connectivity to @riseup’s VPN.




Former security technician for home security company ADT admitted he secretly accessed customers' home security cameras more than 9,600 times over 4+ yrs, particularly in homes of attractive women to spy on them while they undressed, slept, or had sex

stop installing microphones and cameras inside and outside your homes, ffs

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Shit like this in legitimate news sites is why fake news is so prevalent - it's easier to access.
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All communication in #signal goes through these tech giants: Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Cloudflare
Just texting goes through Amazon.
Group chat will also go through Google.
#GAFAM is toxic to free software, supports mass surveillance and a lot other very bad things. Supporting such companies means also supporting their culture and their dominance. It's never just about the privacy of a single person.

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There are already over 20 Tor relay operators (>200 relays, > 10% exit capacity) that make use of the
tor ContactInfo information sharing specification (CIISS) to get some group wide graphs generated for their relays:

Bellow is shown a sample graph by one of them:

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Would you use Briar more often, if you could easily use it with @tails?

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I'm curious to know how people feel about the new Thunderbird/GPG

Asking because after having trained hundreds of people to use email encryption, the constant need to fix settings and deal with error notices makes me want to crawl under a blanket and give up on encrypting emails

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I think it's time to have a discussion about piracy 

It's hella cool, hurts no one, you get free shit, and it's the most ethical way to consume media. I can't recommend it enough 🙂

Fighting for the climate: France's new eco-warriors

REPORTERS: France's new eco-warriors

REPORTERS: France's new generation of environmental activists

Excellent job Extinction Rebellion activists moving phones out of the room before conducting planning meetings!

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Elon Musk has been convincing people to ditch WhatsApp for Signal.

While I hate billionaires, and now the richest one. He is right about it.

If you are concerned about your phone number, Google Voice gives you a free one when you sign up. Which can be used by Signal!

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